Academic English Programme

LSI’s Academic English programme gives you the skills in spoken and written English that you need to succeed at an English speaking university or college. The programme is flexible and can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Academic English combines general English with a focus on key academic skills and exam English. The programme includes regular, focussed grammar and vocabulary reviews, which allows students to target their individual language needs while developing their academic reading and writing skills. This is all supported by specialised, targeted, online resources through our online learning system, E-LSI.

  • Duration: 30 x 50 minutes (25 hours)
  • 15 students max. per class
  • Intermediate to Advanced levels
  • Course length: 4–48 weeks
  • Age 16+
  • Why LSI?

    • Over 50 years experience
    • Rapidly improve your communication skills
    • Intensive courses offer a range of electives to suit individual needs
    • Courses to suit all levels

    Programme Requirements

    Academic English is designed for students who need to meet English language requirements to enter an English-speaking university, college or further education programme, or simply wish to expand their ability to use English in an academic setting. Academic English is appropriate for students who have at least a strong intermediate level of English. We recommend that students who do not yet have a sufficient level of English to join the general English programme until they reach the necessary level. This is an excellent way to reach your goals as quickly as possible from a lower starting point.

    LSI Language Learning System

    LSI’s Academic English programme uses the LSI Language Learning System, a complete package with quality instructors and the latest language learning materials and technology for each level and phase of learning. Each student receives personal supervision from our academic team in conjunction with the school’s university counsellor to ensure that his or her academic goals are met. Students can also choose classes in English for Business and exam preparation classes for the Cambridge English Language Assessment, IELTS, TOEFL iBT or TOEIC as part of the programme. This can be an excellent way for students to improve their CV and gain qualifications as they prepare for the next stage in life.

    What skills do we teach?

    • University research and presentation skills
    • Effective communication in academic situations
    • Exam skills and techniques
    • Note taking and organising
    • Essay writing skills, including critical thinking and developing and presenting arguments
    • Optional classes include:
      -Cambridge English Exam courses, FCE/CAE/CPE/BEC
      -Business English

    LSI Progress Testing

    Regular testing and multi-skill evaluations track exactly how far you have progressed and ensure that our academic team keeps you on track to meet your goals.

    Start Dates

    See school pages for details

    What are the LSI levels?

    LSI Level/Exam Equivalency Chart

    LSI Level Skill Level IELTS ALTE Level Council of Europe Level Cambridge ELA Examns TOEFL iBT TOEIC*
    Advanced The student can communicate very well using most structures accurately. Can deal with cognitively demanding material quickly and has developed linguistic virtuosity. 6.5+ 4-5 C1 & C2 Take CAE, CPE 110-120 L/R 945+
    S/W 400+
    Upper Intermediate The student uses a wide range of structures, has linguistic confidence and has greater awareness of the conventions of use. 5-6 3 B2 Take FCE; Prepare for CAE 87-109 L/R 785-944
    S/W 310-339
    Intermediate The student is an independent user and has better control of grammar and vocabulary. Occasional errors, but a good understanding of the language. 4-5 3 B1 Prepare for FCE 57-86 L/R 550-784
    S/W 240-309
    Pre-Intermediate The student can manage well in a wider range of situations and express opinions and attitudes in a limited way 3-4 2 A2 Take KET 9-56 L/R 225-549
    S/W 160-239
    Elementary The student has the capacity to deal with simple, straightforward information and to negotiate meaning in familiar contexts 2-3 2 A1 Take PET 0-8 L/R 120-224
    S/W 80-159
    Begginer The student has the ability to communicate and exchange basic information. 1 1 Take KET

    *TOEIC has two scores for Listening/Reading and Speaking/Writing

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